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Baptisms at Atonement

"In holy baptism the triune God delivers us from the forces of evil, puts our sinful self to death, gives us new birth, adopts us as children, and makes us members of the body of Christ, the church.


The Christian community at worship celebrates God's gift of baptism in a number of ways.  The sacrament itself normally takes place in the midst of the worship as a sign that in baptism we are made one with Christ and with the whole people of God. On behalf of the whole church, we promise support to new sisters and brothers, confess the faith with them, and welcome them into the body of Christ. Water connected to the Word—God's saving promise in Jesus Christ—is at the center of the baptismal celebration.


Although a person is baptized once, the gift of baptism continues throughout a Christian's life. Instruction in the faith for a life of discipleship is part of the preparation of those who are to be baptized or their parents and sponsors. The ongoing nurture of that faith is part of the congregation's ministries of formation, education, service, and evangelical witness.

The first step in scheduling a Baptism is to call the church and arrange an appointment with the pastor so he/she can discuss our Lutheran theology of Baptism and walk through the sacrament of Holy Baptism. During that conversation, a specific date and time for the Baptism is scheduled.


At the top of the page you will find the Baptismal Information Form that we use to gather the identifying information needed. It's helpful if you download it and bring it with you when you come to meet with the pastor, but you can also discuss it during at the time of your appointment with pastor.

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