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Our History


Atonement Lutheran Church was founded and organized in 1963 with 106 founding community members. With help from another congregation in Jamestown, Trinity Lutheran, who considered Atonement as a “mission” and gave us the push to make it through our first steps. The first worship service was held on February 17, 1963 with Rev. Fred Moberg presiding.


Approximately 160 people attended an unadorned sanctuary complete with metal folding chairs grating on a bare concrete floor. Atonement has grown into a strong and vibrant community of faith, united together to proclaim the gospel and committed to serving the spiritual and human needs of the community. We are still a mission-minded congregation. Our mission statement consists of two parts “founded” on scripture: “Jesus said, Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind. And go make disciples of all nations.”

Atonement was instrumental in the founding of the Jamestown Hospice Program and continues to support that work. The congregation also supports Heart River Lutheran Church in Mandan (affiliated with the State Industrial School), and two Bible Camp Ministries. As part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Atonement is involved in global missions, world hunger, and social ministry, here and abroad.

Organizations within the congregation include WELCA, Atonement Lutheran Brotherhood, youth groups for grades 6 through 12, and senior choir. Atonement serves as host to Cub Scouts and various community organizations. We welcome college students to worship with us and become involved in our ministries.

Atonement welcomes all who are looking for a spiritual home and at Atonement all are encouraged and challenged to serve in ministry. We are the "priesthood of all believers." We believe the teacher, student, homemaker, doctor, retiree, farmer, secretary - all serve Christ in their vocations. We are engaged in ministry together, serving Jamestown, and through our ministry here - a world out there.

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